Call For Abstracts, Papers, Posters, And Exhibits


Third National Legal Aid Conference on Access to Justice

THEME: Access to Justice During the Electioneering Period in Africa in the 21st Century.

Egerton University’s Faculty of Law Legal Aid Project (FOLLAP) with support from the European Union and United Nations Development Programme under the Amkeni Wakenya Civil Society Democratic Governance Facility is co-creating the Third National Conference on Access to Justice. Themed “Access to Justice During Electioneering Period in Africa in the 21st Century”, the conference will be held in Nakuru County from 14th- 19th November 2022.

The National Legal Aid Conference by FOLLAP, European Union, and UNDP provides an opportunity for stakeholders to share experiences and mechanisms of addressing access to justice for the poor and marginalized during the election period in different contexts. 

This year’s Conference focuses on these thematic areas:

  • Trends in electoral processes in Africa in the 21st Century
  • Political parties and the electoral process
  • Citizen’s participation in the electoral processes
  • Electoral management bodies
  • Judiciary as a pillar of democracy for sustainable peace and development
  • Access to justice for the poor and marginalized during election period
  • Democracy in the digital age
  • Data protection and the electoral process
  • Role of the media in promoting access to justice during election period
  • Role of the Civil Society Organizations in promoting access to justice in the democratic spaces
  • SGBV in the context of electoral process
  • Gender justice and the electoral processes
  • The right to vote and standards for right holders and duty bearers
  • Best practices in managing electoral processes


  • Academic Papers abstracts should be a minimum of 500 words.
  • Articles for Magazine 200 words
  • A proposal (not more than 1 page) for exhibitions and posters concepts
  • Submitted abstracts and proposals should be forward-thinking and not merely exploring an issue without any depth of analysis.
  • All submissions should be done online through the following links:



Deadline for Submission:   23rd September 2022

Deadline for Full Paper and Poster Submission: 4th November 2022

Conference Dates: 14th -19th November 2022

Exhibition Dates: 14th-19th November 2022



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